About Us

Hi, I’m Sudha.

After spending some time working in the oil and gas industry here in Malaysia, I now have the privilege of sharing something I passionately believe in and personally consume – KELULUT HONEY (TRIGONA) (stingless bee honey).



Honey has always been in my family. For close to 20 years, my family has been taking honey as a substitute for sugar. So when I was introduced to kelulut honey made by stingless bees, I was excited to try it and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Improved energy levels and mental clarity

It was in 2013 when I first started consuming kelulut honey (trigona honey). I usually use honey as a sugar replacement in my teas, but with kelulut, because it has a sweet and fruity sourish taste, I didn’t add it to my milk tea and instead consumed it as ‘lemon tea minus the lemon’ by itself every morning.



After consuming about a quarter of the bottle, I realised that I was full of energy every day.


I didn’t know why, but my mental clarity was better. I was wondering, why was I so active?


Finally I realised that it was kelulut that (trigona honey) gave me all this activeness.


You see, nothing else changed in my routine except consuming kelulut honey before breakfast every morning.


I shared some kelulut honey with a few close friends and they all said the same thing: they were full of energy! Their fatigue disappeared and overall, they felt healthier and ready to take on the day.


The best thing is, I get this 100% genuine KELULUT HONEY direct from the farm.

Sharing my love for kelulut honey with the world

I want people to experience the health benefits of kelulut honey in the same way I have. I believe that we are happiest when we are healthy, and my aim is to share kelulut honey with fellow Malaysians and the world.

Try it for yourself to experience the benefits

I personally attend to each order of kelulut honey and am always happy to answer any questions and interest about kelulut honey. Don’t hesitate to contact me at brillantone60@gmail.com or call 0192608953.


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